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15 Hilarious Tweets from Real Estate Agents

Posted by Brian Lim

Oct 1, 2019 4:03:00 AM

With never-ending paperwork, flaky clients, and competing deadlines, being a real estate agent can be really stressful. To help you get through the stress and struggles, here are 15 hilarious tweets from real estate agents on Twitter!


In this article, I share 15 hilarious tweets from #realestatehumor

1. Children have started texting about real estate and we've decoded their messages! Don't forget about IRL = Incredibly Reliable Lender

Real Estate Tweet

Source: @kwri


2. Here's another one...

Source: @LakesRealtyIL


3. They said real estate has a lot of similarities to dating...

pexels-photo-Source: @F_ROSEYDA


4. How can an amateur squirrel trainer and an dog translator buy a house with a $5 million budget?


Source: @REwithJenny

5. You had me at 2 Pokestops!


Source: @MetroSalesTeam


6. Sometimes a buyer is perfect for the listing and sometimes a listing is perfect for the listing agent

2019-09-30_9-06-44Source: @CMRealty

7. When your client thought they'd buy a home after 3 showings because they watch Fixer Upper everyday

2019-09-30_9-10-39Source: @DeltaMediaGroup


8. The way to anyone's heart is through their stomach

2019-09-30_9-13-25Source: @top_snap


9. When someone switches the home selling difficulty to expert mode

2019-09-30_9-19-20Source: @andypayne007


10. I'll give you 2 options, me or other me


Source: @MC_property_guy


11. Amenity: Grandma - Built in 1945. Energy efficient cookie maker with tons of positive reinforcement feedback. Requires minimal maintenance. 2 year warranty 


Source: @ThePNWteam


12. Tis the season for not haunted homes!

Source: @MyGreenRealtor


13. Is it cause of the windows or the walls?

Source: @jaquirealtor


14. I'm a dog person, but this one hit my funny bone

Source: @LakesRealtyIL 


15. How far will you go to show a home this winter?

Source: @PropertyMinder

The life of a real estate agent can be quite stressful, so I hope these tweets gave you a nice chuckle. Looking for more laughs and posting inspiration? Check out the #realestatehumor thread on Twitter!

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