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4 Tips for New Real Estate Agents

Posted by Emily Murray

Sep 12, 2017 6:00:00 AM

Success tips for new real estate agents

Phew! You made it through those dreaded real estate exams and you are officially an agent, congratulations! Now it’s time to put your newly acquired real estate knowledge and passion to the test. This is the exciting part, what you do now will set the tone and pave the way for future success.

Here are 4 tips for stepping out on the right foot in your real estate career.

1. Shadow Top Performing Agents

There’s so much to learn when you first strike out on your own, so take your time and find someone who can mentor you. There are a variety of concepts you’ll need to learn about before you’re ready to list your first property. You’ll find that the process is a much smoother one when you first find someone to show you the ropes.

Also study what the top performing agents in your area are doing. How are they marketing themselves? How are they representing their properties once they list them? How do they network and find new leads? You don’t need to come up with a totally unique plan for success as an agent, you can see what works and what doesn’t and learn from others in your industry.

2. Find a CRM System

Staying organized must be one of your top goals throughout your career, and especially when you’re first starting out. This will set the precedent for your customer and lead interactions going forward. Finding a CRM that works for you will ensure that you are making the most of your leads and not letting any pass you by simply because they fell through the cracks.

PropertyPulse offers a great solution for new real estate agents. From marketing to lead management, PropertyPulse provides agents with the tools they need for success. Request a demo of PropertyPulse in the link below:

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3. Research and Read

No one passes their exam knowing everything there is to know about real estate! successful agents are always reading to stay up to date on current market conditions. In addition to shadowing and watching your fellow real estate agents in the market, take time to continue your research through reading blogs and books and visiting YouTube channels like these. Learn from others experiences and find advice that resonates with you.

According to a post by Zillow, these are the 15 best books for real estate agents.

4. Manage Your Time Effectively 

Your life as an agent is going to be busy! Finding a time management method that is comfortable for you can help eliminate missed deadlines and appointments. Many new agents find luck with time-blocking, or setting certain hours aside each day for different tasks. This means that maybe you schedule 9 am to 11 am to respond to new leads and nurture your relationship with existing ones.

Be sure to document these time slots so that you can hold yourself accountable. Some use their iPhone calendars to set reminders, other use Outlook or a variety of digital scheduling software. If you need to write things down to remember them, then maybe a planner is the right material for you. No matter what the channel, clearly outline specific times for specific tasks and you’ll find that life will become much easier.

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