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4 Ways to Spark a Conversation on Your Real Estate Facebook Business Page

Posted by Emily Murray

Jun 27, 2017 9:58:18 AM

How to engage with your real estate leads on facebook

Social media contains the word “social” for a reason, but what if no one on your page is actually socializing? It’s a bit like hosting a dance party and having guests sit silently on the sidelines. Kind of defeats the purpose, right?

Many businesses face this problem and the real estate industry is no different. While your personal page might get tons of interaction and conversation, getting that same level of engagement on your business page can be a struggle.

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Here are 4 of our favorite ways to inspire engagement and conversation on Facebook!

1. Keep it Short

Marketing experts have tested post length since the emergence of Facebook. Their findings may not be all that surprising – shorter is better. The optimal post length for maximum engagement is 40 characters. Obviously not all messages can be conveyed in 40 characters or less but the general rule of thumb is, the fewer characters the better. Keep in mind the average human attention span is 12 seconds and there’s a lot of clutter on Facebook.

2. Ask Questions

Questions naturally facilitate conversation. If you feel your page is a bit too silent, try introducing one or two questions per week to keep things lively. This is one of the easiest ways you can boost engagement. A few pointers for maximizing the conversation through questions:

  • Keep your questions short
  • Stick mainly to “yes” or “no” questions when you can
  • Create multiple choice responses
  • Have fun – keep your questions light and friendly
  • Place the question with an image to up your engagement
  • Try a “caption this” with a funny photo

3. Talk Like a Friend, Not a Company

People trust peers, not companies, so talk to your fans and followers like you would your friends. You can certainly still be professional while also being funny, entertaining and overall, likeable. Share parts of your day that make you relatable and comment on other people’s posts. As a real estate agent, skill has much to do with success, but so does personality and likeability.

4. Post Regularly 

It’s recommended that business pages are updated with posts at least 3 times a day. Too much or too little can either irritate your followers or cause them to forget about you. Developing familiarity with you as an agent is what will inspire engagement and ultimately spark referrals.

Your days are undoubtedly busy, have you tried our Social Auto-Poster free trial? Posting at least 3 times daily is a snap with Z57’s software allowing you to essentially “set it and forget it.”


When in doubt, think about what inspires you to comment, like and engage with both friends and people you have never met. Check out what other agents in your area are posting, take note of what gets the conversation going. Inspiration is all around you, let your true knowledge and personality shine through and people will be more inclined to engage with you!

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