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5 Reasons Your Real Estate Business is Failing on Facebook

Posted by Emily Murray

Sep 28, 2017 4:30:00 AM

5 reasons your real estate business is failing on Facebook

We’re willing to bet we’re not the first ones to tell you that as a real estate agent, you need a Facebook presence, but let’s take that one step further. Having a Facebook page isn’t enough, there must be strategy and thought behind everything you do. Here are the most common reasons that we see real estate agents floundering on Facebook.

 1. You are Focusing Only on "Likes"

While Facebook often feels like a popularity contest, there’s more to it than simply getting “likes” on your page. Many real estate agents send invites to vast quantities of their personal friends asking for "likes" on their business pages. You probably get several of these a day. Yes, likes are important, but receiving likes organically through engaging content is going to attract much better-quality users to follow your page.

2. Your Content is Boring 

 Let’s face it, if what you post on Facebook is dull, people aren’t going to be following you. Consider what type of content appeals to you, makes you laugh, pulls at your heartstrings or makes you want to share  it with your friends. Yes, your main focus is of course on real estate but that doesn’t mean that you can’t branch out to other topics as well.

3. You Don't Seem Like a Real Person 

Remember when you were a kid and you couldn’t imagine that your teachers were real people with real lives outside of the classroom? If all you do is post real estate info 24-7, you are becoming that fake person. Combat this by taking pictures of your day, your desk, your phone that is ringing non-stop. These little glances into your life make you seem more like a real person and not a real estate robot.

4. You Aren't Posting Enough

It would be great if simply creating a business page was all you needed to do to get traffic…but it’s not. You need to be sure to post multiple times a week and beyond that, you need to be engaging with other people’s posts. The more engaged you are, the more engaged your followed will be with you. We typically recommend posting at least 3 times a week on your Facebook page but if you’ve got more engaging content to share, we are all for it!

5. You Are Using Lingo Only Real Estate Agents Understand

Think back to those long-ago days of first learning the real estate industry lingo. It sort of sounded like another language at times, right? We see this mistake often – real estate agents often use terms that other agents understand…but not their target lead Facebook audience. If you aren’t sure that you are doing this, have a friend or family member with no real estate experience take a look at your page. If they have questions, it’s likely that your buyer and seller leads have questions too!

Take a good look at these 5 common mistakes and ask yourself if your followers would accuse you of any of these blunders. It’s not too late to revamp your social media marketing!

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