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5 Reasons You Deserve to Relax this Labor Day!

Posted by Emily Murray

Sep 4, 2017 4:30:00 AM

You work hard as a real estate agent - here's why you should relax labor day

The life of a real agent is equal parts amazing and extremely stressful, right? When those 3 day weekends roll around you deserve to get some much-needed R&R! Here are 5 reasons you deserve to kick back, relax, and enjoy your Labor Day.

1. If you don't get a day off, your phone will simply become a part of your body

Okay, so perhaps there's no scientific proof that this will happen, but sometimes doesn't it feel like a real possibility? Being on the phone all day is the nature of the beast, but disconnecting for a day is the perfect way to hit your rest button. 

2. Your face will be stuck in your permanent business smile if you don't give it a day of rest

Smiling all day is exhausting! Take the time to enjoy some time for yourself.

3. You never have a day just for you

Even the top real estate agents need a break. Do things today that make you happy! Go to the beach, ride a bike or spend time with your loved ones - you deserve it! 

4. You could use a day where you aren't driving to appointment after appointment 

Most days you see the inside of your car more than the inside of your home! Take a break from all that driving and enjoy. 

5. All your leads and clients will still be there when you get back to work on Tuesday

Don't worry, one day of relaxation won't undo all your hard work! Sure, your inbox and voicemail might be a bit overflowing on Tuesday, but hey, that's a good thing right?

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