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5 Tips for an Unbeatable Listing Presentation

Posted by Emily Murray

Apr 19, 2018 7:00:00 AM

5 tips for an unbeatable real estate listing presentation

Nothing beats the feeling of landing a listing appointment! Well, except the feeling of nailing the presentation and landing a new listing. To get to that point, there is a combination of mental  and physical preparedness

1. Do Your Research 

Just as you would for any job interview, you need to research your client prior to stepping into the meeting. Fortunately, that's easy these days with all the online tools you have accessible to you. 

2. Visualize a "Yes" First

There's a lot to be said about mindset when you walk into the listing presentation. While there are some areas of life where you want to be humble, this isn't one of them. You know you are qualified so step into the room with confidence. Take five minutes prior to your meeting to visualize your presentation and the handshake confirming you won the listing at the end. 

3. Provide Examples of What's Worked for You 

Sellers won't take you at your word that you can rock their listing, they need to see results. Be sure you have examples of your past marketing in addition to fresh innovative ideas for their listing. Begin your example with first saying how it turned out. You sold the listing in X amount of time for X amount. Then work backwards and explain how many offers you had, how many people visited the listing, how you staged the listing, professional photography sessions, etc. 

4. Be Tech Savvy 

While many agents still incorporate actual printed listing presentations, a digital version can help you stand out. After all, a seller is going to want to work with an agent who is tech savvy. If possible, supply an iPad or other digital tablet and pass them out to your audience. 

5. Follow Up After Your Presentation 

Now that you nailed the presentation, you can't forget to show your continued interest and enthusiasm, so don't forget the importance of the follow-up. Don't be afraid to follow-up the same day. Wait a few hours and send an email.

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