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5 Tips for Selling Your Stale Real Estate Listings 

Posted by Emily Murray

Sep 14, 2017 6:00:00 AM

Tips for selling your stale real estate listings

Nothing’s worse than that one property that simply won’t sell no matter what you do. While it may feel like you’ve done all you could, take a step back for a moment and consider these 5 tips for re-invigorating your stale listing.

1. Investigate Why the Property isn’t Getting Offers

Sure, this sounds simple but often we make snap judgements about something based on our opinion, not the facts. Look more closely at the property. Is it the location? The flaking paint near the front patio? The extremely outdated appliances? Use your investigation skills and look at the listing with fresh eyes. It also doesn’t hurt to have another agent, friend or family member look at the house through the eyes of a buyer.

2. Spruce it Up

If the house has been on the market for a while, chances are it could use a bit of TLC. Whether it’s vacant or lived in, you don’t want the property to look like all hope has been lost! Perhaps this means planting fresh flowers by the mailbox or mowing the lawn more frequently. Any little thing you can do to increase curb appeal is going to help increase interest.

If the home is vacant and not staged, you may want to consider changing this. Buyers have a tough time envisioning themselves living in an empty home.

3. Take New Photos 

Are your listing photos the problem? They could be! Avoid taking photos in harsh lighting and switch things up a bit by getting photos at sunrise or sunset. If you aren’t a skilled photographer yourself, you may want to consider having new professional shots taken.

4. Try Paid Ads

It might also be time to switch up our marketing. If you haven’t already, try running paid ads on search engines as well as Facebook. This will guarantee that highly-targeted traffic is reaching your listing. Maybe reach outside your normal demographics if you have been running ads to no avail.

5. Consider a Price Reduction if Necessary 

No one wants to discuss a price reduction with a seller, but sometimes it’s necessary. If you have pulled all the tricks out of your hat and still can’t get an offer, your listing price may just be too high. Revisit recent property sales in your area and perhaps agree on a new price with your seller.

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