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5 Ways to Get Organized for 2018

Posted by Emily Murray

Nov 7, 2017 5:00:00 AM

5 ways real estate agents can get organized in 2018

It’s official, Halloween is over and instantly we are swept into the full-fledged holiday season! With 2018 on the horizon, it’s time to start planning for the New Year. Great news, in that regard, we’ve got you covered. If you haven’t yet, sign up for ourfree live webinar on November 16th. Jack Markham, creator of the Million Dollar Pipeline, will be taking you through Business Plan generation for 2018. We will even send you a business plan outline to fill out during the webinar!

Yes, Save My Seat for the Webinar! 

In addition to signing up the webinar, here are 5 ways to get yourself organized and in the right state of mind to set winning goals for 2018.

1. Write Down Your Goals

Yes, in the digital world we live in, taking a pen to paper may no longer be a normal part of our day, but when it comes to setting goals, writing them down can increase your chance of achieving them. There are several reasons this holds true.

  • You are forced to clearly define your goals
  • Multiple senses are involved in the act of writing your goal down on paper

Getting your goals down on paper clears up room in your mind to start planning and thinking through other objectives.Be sure to set specific goals as well, such as x number of homes to sell and or how to make x in commission. 

2. Create Goals with Deadlines

Now that your goal is on paper, you are halfway there! To set yourself up for success, however, you should assign a completion dates or deadline for achieving that goal. If this seems overwhelming, break your goal into smaller tasks and set a completion date for these as well.

3. Time-Block Your Days

From your personal life to your professional career, there’s a lot packed into your days. Time blocking is one effective technique for making sure that you are completing your daily tasks. From waking up early to setting aside time for nurturing your leads, each step of your day can set you up for success…as long as you stay organized.

Try time-blocking your day first thing in the morning before you even check your emails. This will help you stay on task and be even more efficient in the New Year.

4. Prewrite your Facebook Ads

There is a real art to creating Facebook ads. If you create yours around Open Houses or specific listings, take the time to work on your creatives far before you actually will be using them. Save them to an organized file in your computer and they will be ready and waiting when you are ready for them to go live.

5. Create a Calendar with Task List and Reminders

Even the most organized agents can forget important things. Set yourself up for success by creating a calendar with all your important dates and to-dos. In addition, add alerts 15 minutes, an hour, or a day before these important actions must be completed or a meeting needs to be attended.

With just a few minutes in your day to practice these organization tips, you’ll step into 2018 with your head held high, your calendar booked, and your marketing plan securely in place!

Don’t forget to sign up for the webinar today!

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