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6 Real Estate Lead Generation Tips to Try Today

Posted by Emily Murray

Aug 24, 2017 8:17:06 AM

6 real estate lead generation tips tp try today from Z57

Generating new leads is always top of mind, but have you tried a multitude of ways to accomplish this? If you are relying on one or two lead generation avenues, you could be missing out on valuable prospects. Some of these lead generation tips may feel a bit our of your wheelhouse at first, but by branching out and exploring new opportunities, you’ve got nothing to lose and much more to gain!

Try these 6 tips for increasing your buyers and seller lead generation:

1. Door Knocking

This staple of the real estate industry is still effective in our digital age. Today’s consumers are drawn to building relationships, not simply being sold something.

If you choose the more traditional approach, choose your target neighborhood, dress the part (will depend on the typical dress of your area) and grab your leave-behind marketing tools. Don’t be afraid of rejection! Sure, some people may not welcome you in with open arms, but it just takes one to boost your business! Remember you don’t have to door knock to network in person. Try meeting new prospects through open houses or community events.

2. Facebook

Facebook is the ideal platform for grabbing new leads and engaging and converting existing followers into clients. In addition to driving engagement, you should also drive leads to your website to access your content. The more the lead interacts with you, the more likely they will be to choose you when they are ready to select an agent.

Posting your own content will boost engagement while using paid advertising is the best way to generate new leads. Which leads to the next tip…

3. PPC Facebook Marketing

While organic traffic will come your way naturally as you promote your website on Facebook, you can help speed up the traffic with paid advertising. Facebook advertising has come a long way and is one of the best ways to get instant traffic to your website or likes on your business page. Their highly targeted platform allows you to segment your audience so that you can focus in on those who are most likely to convert.

4. Automate lead process with PropertyPulse

Managing all your leads can be challenging but with our platform, PropertyPulse, the process is streamlined. Having a total CRM to house your leads makes nurturing these prospects much easier. Additionally, the PropertyPulse platform includes lead capture on your website so that you can drive traffic through Facebook to your website.

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5. Connect IDX to Facebook

Another PropetyPulse feature is the Facebook IDX option. Your Facebook page connects with your local MLS so that your listings can be searched via social media.

6. Lead capture form on your website

Driving traffic to your website it great, but your efforts could be wasted if you don’t have a process in place for capturing contact information. When you enable a lead capture form, you then have a way to contact your leads, nurture them and ultimately convert them into clients.

Once you’ve tried these 6 methods for capturing new leads, choose the ones that work well for you. Capturing new leads is one of the most important things you can do for your business and ramping up your process can yield powerful results.

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