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6 Tips for Staging Your Next Real Estate Listing

Posted by Emily Murray

Oct 10, 2017 4:30:00 AM

6 steps tips for staging your next real estate listing

We could recite several "first impression" cliches, but you already know how important it is to create an attention-grabbing listing for your sellers. Sometimes, however, we have so many other things on our minds that we forget the basics. That’s why we’ve compiled these 6 reminders for staging your next listings.

1. Focus on Curb Appeal and First Impression

Messy landscaping and cluttered porches create a lasting negative impression of your listing. Fortunately, this is easy to avoid. All it takes is a bit of landscaping, some porch cleanup and a quick power-wash of the driveway. Adding flower pots, porch furniture and making sure that all clutter has been removed will create that lasting first impression that’s so vital for getting buyers in the door and making an offer.

Have you seen our Curb Appeal infographic? Share this with your seller leads!

Share this infographic to engage seller leads! 

2. No Dust, No Clutter, No Odor

We’ve all been there, you walk into a listing and something smells…off. It might be a client’s pet, cigarette smoke, or just a lingering greasy cooking smell. Whatever the case, this can greatly impact your ability to sell the home. Fortunately, you can stage the home with some great smelling candles, bake cookies, or add a few air freshener plug-ins.

You want the house to look new, clean, and move-in ready, but dusty, cluttered rooms take this illusion away. Be sure that all surfaces are dust and clutter free. If counter tops look empty, centerpiece items, like a bowl of fruit or a vase of flowers can make the room look much more inviting.

3. Remove Personal Items

This can be challenging when you are representing a lived-in listing, especially when there are children or pets involved. Be sure to express the importance of removing personal items from the viewing areas of the home prior to putting it on the market. This may mean putting away kid’s toys, dog beds and bowls and other items that distract the potential buyer from picturing this new property as their home.

4. Replace Outdated Furniture

Outdated furniture is an eye-sore for many buyers. Of course, it’s not like they are buying it with the furniture, but just like those personal items, it impacts their visualization of the place as their home. Depending on your own marketing budget, having a home staging company assist with this for a few thousand dollars can be completely well worth it if the decor is outdated and the furniture is old.

5. Invest in New Lighting

From natural to artificial lighting, you want the home to be bright, cheery, and inviting. If you are dealing with limited windows or outdated lighting fixtures, springing for new lighting is worthwhile. Try some Edison light bulbs for a modern styled home or perhaps a wooden chandler for that colonial look.

6. Use Fresh Paint for a Clean, New Look

This is one of the first suggestions you should make when taking on a new listing. If the home hasn’t been painted within the last year, it’s time for a fresh coat of paint. From the interior to the exterior, this little touch can make all the difference. Don’t make any drastic color changes, stick with neutral colors and if you are craving a pop of color, try a bright accent color for the door if it fits the style.

We've created a seller guide with suggestions for getting the home ready for listing. Grab your free copy below. 

Share this FREE guide with your seller leads

Once all these changes are in place, you will feel so much better putting that For Sale sign with your name on it in the yard. What's your go-to staging advice for real estate agents with a limited marketing budget?

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