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6 Tips for Writing Better Real Estate Listing Descriptions

Posted by Emily Murray

Aug 22, 2017 5:30:00 AM

how to write better real estate listing descriptions

As a real estate agent, most days you must be the jack-of-all-trades. While some agents have assistants to write listing descriptions for them, it’s still a useful skill to develop regardless. These reak estate listing descriptions are the very first introduction your potential buyers have to yout listing, so you want to make it as vivid and memorable as possible, crafting each word so that it complements your photos seamlessly.

To help you accomplish this, here are 6 of our favorite tips for creating exceptional listing descriptions!

1. Use Visual Language

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and while this is true of your home listing photos, you need to give them a boost with a colorful listing description. Imagine what would catch your eye if you didn’t see the photos?

According to a MarketLeader post, these are few words that help moves homes the fastest:

  • Beautiful
  • Landscaping
  • Granite
  • Gourmet
  • Curb Appeal
  • Maple
  • Fixer Upper

And a few that don't seem to help: 

  • Must sell
  • Value
  • Motivated
  • Move-in Condition
  • Clean
  • New Paint
  • New Carpet
  • Ranch
  • Quiet
  • Vacant

Insider tip – Don’t get so hung up on the language that you interrupt your flow of writing. Simply use a thesaurus and your proofreading/editing skills after you’ve written your description, going back through to add some flare.

2. Keep it Short

Keep your listing descriptions capped at 250 words with the most vital details higher up. Many potential buyers will read the first few sentences and make a snap decision whether they want more info on a home. Ask yourself, “what information can I include in the beginning that will have this reader so excited that they call to schedule a visit?”

Insider tip – Read other agent’s listings and see where you start to lose interest. Keep this in mind when crafting your own.

3. Check Spelling and Grammar

While grammar and spellchecking are always important, they become particularly vital in listing descriptions. If the reader is intrigued by the property but notices that your description is riddled with errors, this may give them enough pause to look elsewhere, not to mention it will make a poor impression on the home seller!

Insider tip – If you are using Microsoft Word, much of this will already be done for you. You can also use free websites like GrammarCheck.net and Reverso.

4. Include Brand Names

It’s been proven that including brand name appliances and furnishings in a listing description increases interest in the property. Take a closer look at the property and all that has been upgraded and make a list. This will be a handy tool to help you remember the top brands to highlight in your listing description.

Insider tip – If the name brands are higher-end and recognizable, you should include them. If they are otherwise unknown or lower-end, you might want to leave these out.

5. Use a Call to Action

Now that you’ve taken the reader on this incredible visual journey, don’t leave them hanging! While many websites and publications will have adedicated section to include your contact information in, you will also want to include it in the body of the description. Why? Sometimes listings get cut off and having your contact info included twice decreases your chances of this happening.

Insider tip – Include more than one contact method in your CTA.

6. Get Another Set of Eyes to Proofread 

Often, we are too close to what we write to see our own mistakes. We scan through our words and our mind skips over errors because we know what we intended to say. Have a friend or co-worker take a quick read through to see if anything stands out as abnormal.  

Insider tip – If this isn’t possible, take a break and leave your writing as-is for an hour or two and revisit it later with fresh eyes.

With these tips in mind, summon your inner creative writer and take note of other agent’s listings and what you like and don’t. Don’t overthink your listing and don’t be afraid to go back and edit it a few times.

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