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63 Real Estate Blog Topics that Increase Organic Website Traffic

Posted by Brian Lim

Sep 3, 2019 11:38:28 AM

Blogging is one of the best tactics to generate organic traffic to your real estate website. Blogs are great tools that can enhance your online process, increase your search engine ranking, and convert prospects into leads. A superlative blog serves your audience and provides educational, informative, and entertaining information that helps the reader solve their problem. A comprehensive real estate blog will help a real estate prospect for each problem, at every stage of the real estate process. If you're looking to launch a real estate blog or grow your current one, you've come to the right place!


In this article, I will list 63 real estate blog topics to help you launch or build your real estate blog so that you can increase organic traffic to your website, increase your search engine ranking, and convert more prospects into leads.

1. Interviews

  1. A Small Business Owner
  2. A Home Buyer
  3. A Home Seller
  4. The Local Sheriff
  5. Government Representatives
  6. Past Clients

2. Reviews

  1. Past Experiences/Case Studies
  2. Local Restaurants
  3. New Local Restaurants
  4. Dentists
  5. Physicians
  6. Mechanics
  7. Landscapers
  8. Contractors
  9. Movers
  10. Coffee Shops

3. Real Estate Industry

  1. Current Local Market Conditions
  2. Latest Local Market Trends
  3. Local Market Forecasts
  4. National Housing Trends
  5. Effects of Government Regulations
  6. Demographic Preferences

4. Your Neighborhood

  1. Historical Story
  2. List your District’s Government Representatives
  3. Share Fun Events this Weekend
  4. Share Local Activities
  5. Recommend Weekend Getaways
  6. Share Benefits of Living in Your Neighborhood
  7. Provide a List of Local Restaurants
  8. Provide a List of Parks, Community Centers, and Other Public Areas
  9. Provide a List of Shops, Markets, Boutiques, and Other Stores
  10. Provide Local School Reports
  11. Provide Local Crime Reports

5. Real Estate Process

  1. Describe a “Listing of the Week”
  2. Describe a “Listing of the Month”
  3. Explain the Home Buying Process
  4. Explain the Home Selling Process
  5. Explain the Benefits of a Home Inspection
  6. Explain the Benefits of Purchasing a Home Warranty
  7. Explain Different Types of Insurance
  8. Explain ESCROW
  9. Provide a List of Common Buying Terms
  10. Provide a List of Common Selling Terms
  11. Explain the Benefits of an Open House
  12. Explain Curb Appeal
  13. List Curb Appeal Dos and Donts
  14. Explain the Benefits of Staging
  15. Explain the Benefits of Home Ownership
  16. Recommend Moving Tips
  17. Recommend Selling Tips
  18. Recommend Buying Tips
  19. Share Moving Mistakes
  20. Share Home Selling Mistakes
  21. Share Home Buying Mistakes
  22. Share Renovation Tips
  23. Share Smart Home Renovation Tips
  24. Share First-Time Home Buyer Tips
  25. Share First-Time Home Seller Tips
  26. Explain Common Renovation Projects
  27. Provide Tips for Choosing A Good Agents

6. Finances

  1. Explain Different Types of Mortgages
  2. Explain the Loan Pre-Approval Process
  3. Provide Steps for Getting a Mortgage
  4. Explain Mortgage Rates

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