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75 Video Ideas for Real Estate Agents Pursuing YouTube

Posted by Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis

Jan 22, 2020 7:30:00 AM

YouTube is the second most popular search engine next to Google. A high ranking video can show up on the first page of Google if your video ranks high enough within YouTube. (Since YouTube is owned by Google!) Meaning you can do less work with less competition to have a high ranked spot on Google!

75 Video Ideas for Real Estate Agents Pursuing YouTube

If you are not pursuing YouTube yet, this is your year. If you don't know how to create a YouTube video, then this article will help you with the basics.

Here are 75 Real Estate Video Ideas You Can Use:

Videos About Your City

For people searching "Denver Homes for Sale" be sure to include the name of the city in your video titles. These videos are likely to attract and engage a wider audience than general real estate content. Even better, this content is more likely to be shared with other people on social media.

  1. Fun Facts About {CITY}
  2. (Tornado/Earthquake/Flood) Preparedness For {CITY}
  3. Neighborhood - Tour
  4. Landmark - Tour
  5. Best Food in {CITY}
  6. What I Love About {CITY}
  7. What I Hate About {CITY}
  8. Top 5 Free Things to Do
  9. Top Family Activities
  10. 5 Places to Bring Visiting Friends And Family
  11. Cooking Recipe Of Local Cuisine
  12. Real Estate Scams in {CITY}
  13. The 5 Best Local Restaurants in {CITY}
  14. Top 5 Employers in {CITY}
  15. 5 Hidden Gems in {CITY}
  16. Common Architecture Type in {CITY}
  17. Best Companies to Work for in {CITY}
  18. My Volunteer Experience with a Local Organization
  19. Pros and Cons of Living in {CITY}

Videos for Home Buyers

Home shoppers will inevitably spend months of research before even talking to you. To stay on the radar, you can entice them to subscribe to your YouTube channel by creating content that answers their questions. Below are some ideas for videos you can make to target home buyers.

  1. What is a Buyers Agent
  2. Do I Need a 20% Down Payment in {CITY}?
  3. Nee Construction Tips For {CITY}
  4. Buying Investment Properties In{CITY}
  5. Tips for First Time Home Buyers in {CITY}
  6. Retiring in {CITY}
  7. Home Mortgages in {CITY}
  8. # Mistakes First Time Homebuyers Might Make in Year
  9. Open Houses in {CITY}
  10. What is the First Step to Buying a Home in {CITY}
  11. Tips On Improving Your Credit Score For Home Loans
  12. The Ideal Number Of Homes You Should See Before Buying
  13. How a Home Purchase Affects Your Taxes
  14. 4 Reasons Why Some {CITY} Homes Stay Too Long On the Market in Year
  15. Things a Real Estate Agent Can't Tell You About {CITY}
  16. The Benefits of Hiring a Buyers Agent in {CITY}
  17. What to Expect When Buying a Home in {CITY}
  18. A Guide to Understanding Inspections
  19. A Guide to Relocating to {CITY}
  20. Steps to Getting Pre-approved in {CITY}
  21. Real Estate Lingo You Need to Know
  22. A Guide to HOAs in {CITY}
  23. The Difference between Traditional Sales, Short Sales, and Foreclosures
  24. How to Manage Your Stress During Your {CITY} House Hunt
  25. What to Tell Your REALTOR® at the Beginning of the Home Buying Process
  26. What Documents Do You Need for Pre-approval?
  27. Interview with a Past Client
  28. The Differences Between Rent and Mortgage
  29. What Young Couples Should Consider Before Buying Property
  30. 5 Neighborhoods to Consider in {CITY}

Videos for Homeowners:

The elusive real estate seller lead is what most real estate agents are trying to find online. If you create videos targeting homeowners you are a little more likely to find home sellers - or at the very least, homeowners who may put their property up for sale in the future. The below topics are examples of videos you can create to help you generate seller leads.

  1. What is a Listing Agent
  2. What Does the Year {CITY} Market Look Like?
  3. Home Maintenance Tips For Home Owners
  4. Tips to Sell Your Own Home in {CITY}
  5. Season Mainenance Checklist For {CITY} Home Owners
  6. Is Solar Worth Investing in In {CITY}?
  7. Smart Appliances to Modernize Your Home in {CITY}name
  8. When You Should Sell Your Home in {CITY}
  9. How to Prepare a Home to Sell in {CITY}
  10. Repairs You Can Do Yourself Vs Hire a Professional
  11. How to Calculate Your Home'S Value in {CITY}
  12. Reasons to Not Use a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home in {CITY}
  13. Interview with a Past Client
  14. The Benefits of Hiring a Listing Agent in {CITY}
  15. Home Upgrades That Pay Off in the Resale in {CITY}
  16. Cheap Ways to Upgrade Your Home in {CITY}
  17. Staging Mistakes Sellers Make in {CITY}
  18. The Home Selling Timeline in {CITY}
  19. The Pros and Cons of Giving Buyers a Price Range
  20. How to Deal with the Inconveniences of Selling Your Home
  21. Tips for Amazing Curb Appeal in {CITY}
  22. REALTOR® Fees and How They Fit Into The Cost of Selling
  23. Handling a Property Sale After Divorce
  24. How Marriage Affects Home Ownership
  25. How to Sell Your Home Fast in {CITY}
  26. The Pros and Cons of an Open House in {CITY}

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