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8 Facebook Marketing Tactics All Real Estate Agents Should Know

Posted by Emily Murray

Oct 19, 2017 5:00:00 AM

The Real Estate Agent's guide to facebook marketing from Z57

When it comes to most things in life, the unknown tends to make us just a wee bit nervous. If you are still (or have just begun) navigating the social media realm, there’s a lot to learn. In fact, even the experts still learn something new about social media every day…that’s because the platforms are ever-changing! It’s a continual process of reviewing these changes and updates and learning what you can do to get the best results for your real estate business.

Here are just a few successful Facebook marketing tactics for real estate agents.

1. Build a Connection with Potential Clients

What could once be done with a handshake and a business card can now be accomplished with Facebook. Finding new buyer and seller leads has become much more convenient for real estate agents since the advent of Facebook. Whether you initially meet leads, online or in person, continue to nurture those relationships through Facebook.

So, what does nurturing through Facebook look like? First, connecting and then responding to comments, giving advice and many of the other tips we have listed below. Consider all the ways relationships are nurtured offline, and bring them to your Facebook presence. Drop by a client’s page to say hello, send a Facebook message to a lead that is soon looking to buy, or answer advice on a fellow Realtor®’s page. All these things will help build trust, get your name out there, and ultimately nurture your leads and clients.

2. Update Cover Photo With A New Listing

Your cover photo is some great real estate (pun totally intended) for housing a specific listing you want to highlight. When you update your cover photo, it’s viewed by your followers and can get your property’s image in front of potential buyers.

3. Post on Local Interests and Events

As a local agent, becoming THE go-to local agent is of course one of your many goals. A step in the right direction is having the go-to page for all things local in your area. This means touching on community events, issues, and local interests. Once you can involve the community, you’ll find that referrals come easier, and your trust and reputation within the community will improve as well.

Keep an eye out for any post-worthy events including charity benefits, school happenings, or even popular or new businesses to check out in the area.

Know an interesting, little-known fact about the community? Share it! The more you do this, you will not only learn more about the community, but it’s inhabitants will learn more about you in return.

4. Educate and Share Interesting Information

You’re the real estate expert, right? Share bits and pieces of your knowledge with the community on Facebook. Leads are in the research stage far longer than the actual buyer or seller phase, keep this in mind when coming up with posting ideas for your page. What information can help them in their journey? You can educate your audience by answers FAQs, or posting visual content (like infographics, which are one of our favorites) to convey your information. Keep in mind that visual content is 3 times more likely to be shared on social media than strictly text content.

5. Offer Advice

Along with educating your leads, comes answering questions. Buying or selling a home is a huge step, and with this step come a lot of questions. Be on the lookout for posts that offer you the chance to share your insight.

6. Remember 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 rule is one that most marketers live by. It simply means that 80% of your content should be focused on the audience and no more than 20% should be focused around your business. With the sheer wealth of content available to you on the internet, finding educational, entertaining, and interesting content is easier than ever.

If you get stuck, just think as a consumer. What do you like seeing from businesses you follow and what would you like to see more of that you aren’t getting? Use this insight to inspire you in your own Facebook posts.

7. Post Video/Go Live

Let’s face it, we all love video. Using Facebook Live to record a few real estate tips, a funny part of your day, or a preview of a listing you are placing on the market can help get more viewers on your brand. The great thing about the relationship between Facebook and video is that nearly all of us have the ability to create a video right now. If you have a smartphone, that’s all you need. Don’t worry if you don’t have the highest quality video camera out there, Facebook live is all about capturing moments as they happen.

8. Share Your Happy Clients and Success Stories

People trust people more than they trust a brand so let your successes speak for you! Ask your clients if you can post a picture of them as they happily pose next to their newly-purchased home. Have a listing that broke a record selling price? Fantastic! Share this with your followers. Not sure how to “humblebrag?” You’re in luck, we have another post dedicated to just how to “toot your own horn” in a way that seems natural and humble rather than straight up, eye-roll-inspiring, bragging.

Want to get more buyer and seller leads with Facebook but simply don’t have the time? We make it easy with PropertyPulse.

Call one of our real estate marketing experts today to find out how we can help you get new leads and nurture relationships with those that you already have!

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Did we leave out any of your favorite Facebook best practice tips? Share it in the comment section below!

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