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Are You Losing Money Without Drone Photography?

Posted by Emily Murray

Oct 27, 2017 4:30:00 AM

What real estate agents need to know about drone photography

There’s been some debate regarding the necessity of drone photography in the real estate industry over the last few years, however, it seems that more and more real estate agents are jumping onboard with the idea. We’ve probably all seen examples of great photography, and examples of those listing shots that leave much to be desired. So, when it comes to drone photography, is it a do or a don’t?

It seems for a substantial portion of the real estate industry, it’s been love at first sight.

Consider this, when the first 1,000 commercial drone operator exemptions were handed out years ago, 35% of these operators were in real estate marketing.

Additional insights from Roboticsautomationnews.com include:

  • The MLS reports that properties using aerial images sell roughly 68% faster than properties featuring non-aerial image.

  • According to NAR, 73% of homeowners said they’d by more likely to list with an agent who is going to uses video footage in their marketing plan.

  • Last year (2016), Goldman Sachs reported that the global drone market is projected to grow to $20.6 billion over the next 5 years.

So, what’s so great about drone footage in real estate?

Drone Photography Allows Buyers to See Other Features

Many aspects of a home and the surrounding property are difficult to see with traditional photography. Drones allow potential buyers to see the entire property from a completely unique point of view. From the roof to the gorgeous landscaping details, no aspect is left out in this beautiful layout.

Great Quality

The high-cost of professional photography is what often drives real estate agents to pick up the camera themselves for their listing shots. While this may work for many listings, others require just a bit more quality. The good news about drone photography is that it is pretty inexpensive when you consider the high-quality video and photographic footage. Prices vary greatly depending on your area, but many agents pay somewhere between $250 - $500.

Home Sellers Love Aerial Footage

As an agent, you are always looking for something to give you that extra edge on the competition. Drone photography is often the deciding factor for many home sellers when choosing a listing agent.

Drone Footage is Ideal for Larger Homes

While drone photography may not make a giant difference for a tiny home, larger homes greatly benefit from its use.  Large homes often include amenities like basketball or tennis courts, pools, and other property perks. Aerial photography helps paint the entire picture of everything the property has to offer.

Drone Photography Offers a Chance to See the Nearby Town

It’s not always enough to simply describe the neighborhood and surrounding town, it’s really best to see it. Many agents are using drones to capture the vibe of the immediate surroundings of the home.

If you are ready to jump onboard with drone photography, the next question you probably have is, “should I invest in my own drone or hire one?” While the decision is entirely up to you, there are several pros and cons of each to consider.

Hiring a Professional Drone Photography Company

PRO – The quality you get when you hire a professional is of course going to be much higher than what you could do, especially when first starting out.

PRO – There’s no need to invest in an expensive drone

CON – There are many companies that are operating without the FAA’s certification requirements. You’ll need to research to make sure you are working with someone who is in compliance.

CON – Depending on the company the cost can be a bit high, especially if you are looking at including video. This can cost you up to $1000, while the photography is typically much less than that.

Taking the DIY Approach

PRO – As the drone operator, you are able to add your own creative style to the video or photography and really focus on areas that you know will interest buyers the most.

PRO – Many real estate agents enjoy operating drones because they are actually pretty fun!

CON – The initial investment is a pretty hefty one (often between $1000 - $2000).

CON – You will also need to register your drone. This part is cheap (about $5) but if you neglect this step, you could be hit with a fine of up to $25,000!

When it comes down to it, buyers love visual content. It you want to step up your game, why not try drone photography in addition to our highly-visual platform, PropertyPulse!

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