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Boo! 10 Things That Scare the Heck Out of Real Estate Agents

Posted by Emily Murray

Oct 31, 2017 5:00:00 AM

Halloween Funny Things that Scare Real Estate Agents

In the real estate industry, you see it all and sometimes your basic horror movie looks less scary than the old homes you encounter and the abnormal buyer and seller requests you receive. In keeping in the Halloween spirit, here are 10 things that scare the heck out of real estate agents. If we’ve left any out, please comment below! Happy Halloween!

1. Terrible Listing Photos the Seller Wants to Use

Take a look at these real-life examples of real estate photos gone bad! Number 11 is downright chill-inducing!

2. Those 4 little letters…FSBO

So your seller lead is warming up, ready to pull the trigger and suddenly your day is ruined as those downright terrifying little letters FSBO escape their mouth.

If this happens, we do actually have a cool infographic that shows leads the reality of selling their home themselves. Download your free copy now:

Get Your FREE FSBO Download

3. “I haven’t been prequalified for a mortgage yet, but don’t worry I’m sure it will be just fine.”

These words are often followed by “let’s see a bunch of homes first and then I’ll contact my lender.” If you are like most real estate agents, this may be the moment your first grey hair appeared.

4. "You can show this client your property, but we need 48 hours’ notice."

Ugh, can you believe this still happens!? What if it’s the perfect property for your client and an offer comes in while you are waiting to show it? Straight up hair-raising right there.

5. “Can we negotiate your commission?”

Yikes! Double yikes! This client is going to be a challenge, that’s for sure.

6. “But Zillow says our home is worth way more than what you are suggesting for a listing price…”

Ahhhh seller’s doing their own online research and becoming self-proclaimed experts overnight. This is a real terrifying situation and one that agents face time and again.

7. “So I made a call to the listing agent…”

No, no, no! Why oh why are they calling other agents?

8. “This offer is very low but we want to try it anyway…”

Lowball offers can be more than embarrassing for you as an agent. Fortunately, with some good strategic advice you can try to get the buyer’s offer up so your reputation doesn’t become scarier than the new version of the movie IT. *shiver*

9. “So I met this great agent at an Open House and we are actually going to go with her.”

After investing time and energy, a client decides to go with someone else. Yes, this is not only scary, but irritating enough to make smoke come out your ears!

10. Saturday home inspections….alllllll day

So much for a relaxing brunch, now you get to spend all day with the termite guy and plumber.

After you’ve recovered from this terrifying list, take a deep breath, throw on your Halloween costume and enjoy a relaxing evening of fun! After all, you deserve it!


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