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Throwing the Best Real Estate Client Appreciation Holiday Event [December Lead Generation]

Posted by Brian Lim

Dec 5, 2018 8:02:00 AM

Ho-Ho-House hunting and merry escrow! It's the holiday season, which means it's time to figure out your client appreciation event! Why? Your network is full of low hanging real estate leads, which is the best way to generate referral leads. Plus, the contacts that you gather will help you gain momentum into 2019, so you can get a head start on the new year. Whether you are a rookie or veteran agent, hosting a client appreciation event will increase your brand awareness, reputation, and trust with members in your local market. 


There are hundreds of good ideas to generate referral leads during the holiday season such as holiday caroling, hosting a cookie swap, or hosting a canned food drive but hosting a reverse pop-by for your clients will give you the opportunity to talk to all of you clients and they have the chance to mingle with each other.

Hosting a reverse pop-by holiday event for your clients

What is a reverse pop-by holiday event? Well, a pop-by is when a real estate agent goes to their clients' and past clients' house to drop off a gift. A reverse pop-by is when an agent hosts an event and their clients and past client’s come to their office or house to pick up a gift, mingle, and catch up with their real estate agent. Note: this idea can be adapted and used for every holiday as well!

Follow the steps below to host a reverse pop-by for the holidays:

  1. Establish a budget - How much money can you spend on this event?
  2. Determine the gifts -
    1. Holiday Cookies
    2. Cookie Kit: cookie dough, sprinkles, frosting and cookie cutters
    3. Holiday Stocking Kit
    4. Holiday Ornaments
    5. Cocoa Kit: Mason jars with hot cocoa and marshmallows
    6. Gingerbread House Kit
    7. Champagne
      • For an extra touch, cover the label with your own label!
    8. Gifts: gift cards to home improvement stores, movie tickets, lottery scratchers, etc.
  3. Invitation - Figure out which clients to invite and who receives a gift
  4. Promote -
    1. Create and invite people to a Facebook Event
      • Let people know they will receive a gift for coming
    2. Send an email 1 week before the event, 3 days before the event and on the event day
      • We recommend hosting the reverse pop-by on the December 23rd
    3. Call or text clients to confirm if they are coming!
  5. Lead Generate - Mingle with your visitors as they come by and creatively ask for referrals or testimonials
  6. Take pictures and post them to social media!
  7. Wrap up - Drop off remaining gifts to non-attendees & cancels


  1. Decorations can go a long way - put up lights, decorations, and streamers to really get into the holiday spirit!
  2. Add a holiday station to your event
    1. Set up a table with all the raw material needed to:
      • Make a cookie: a holiday themed sugar cookie, frosting, sprinkles
      • Make an ornament: a holiday ornament, construction paper, ribbon, glitter, sequins, beads, glue, etc.
      • Make a gingerbread house
      • Make a stocking
  3. Throw a raffle or competition to gather emails 
    1. Have a sign in sheet for attendees that includes a space for an email address
    2. Explain on the sign in sheet that you need their email so you can notify them of the winner of the raffle or competition
      • Raffle: pick a grand prize, pick a winner and notify them the following day via email and social media. Offer to drop off the grand prize to their house and take a picture!
      • Competition: if you decide to add a holiday station to your event, have participants take pictures of their entrees, post it to social media, and tag you in it
  4. Place your clients’ gifts in a personalized stocking and hang it on a wall – they can pick up the whole stocking when they pop-by
  5. Place your clients’ gift under a holiday tree and have them find theirs when they pop-by

Most of the real estate agents in your market will have a client appreciation event in your community, how will you stand out? A reverse pop-by is a great way to generate referral leads and show your clients that you appreciate their business. If all goes to plan, you will also increase your brand's awareness, your reputation, and the trust with members of your community. What are you waiting for? Start planning now!

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