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Here's Why the "Facebook Apocalypse" Should Scare You as a Real Estate Agent

Posted by Emily Murray

Jan 29, 2018 6:00:00 AM

Facebook apocalypse will impact real estate agents

It’s rare for things to stay the same for long in life, especially when it comes to social media. This year, just one month in, we’ve seen the emergence of the so-called "Facebook Apocalypse!" If you’re a bit scared, you have every right to be! At Z57, we’ve handled these changes by making tweaks to our platform, so around here we can all let out a loud sigh of relief. But if you aren’t a Z57 customer, don’t worry. You can schedule a free, no obligation marketing consultation today and discuss how to conquer these changes.

Yes, really!

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What’s New with Facebook in 2018?

Facebook’s latest update is just a more exaggerated version of other updates we’ve seen in the past. It was formally announced January 11th in a Facebook Newsroom Article. The goal? To cut down on “fake news” articles and content from businesses showing up high in your feed to make room for content that your friends and family have engaged with. It’s not the end for real estate Facebook marketing…if you change your strategy now!

Highlights of the recent update according to Zuckerberg’s post, here are several updates that will be made to the Facebook algorithm in the coming months:

  • Content from friends and family will be prioritized over business page and other public page content.
  • Engagement, such as comments, shares, and likes, will determine which posts show higher in the News Feed.

The main take away here for real estate agents is that you can no longer just post content for the sake of posting content, it needs to be created with engagement in mind for your target audience. The more you get people to engage (like, share, comment) the more favorable your posts will become with the Facebook algorithm changes. 

Just a few actions you can take:

  • Post engaging content
  • Use Facebook Live
  • Use visual content
  • Promote your business page among your leads

Z57’s dedicated product marketing team constantly analyzes, reviews, tweaks all content posts. This helps us stay on top of things and make updates to our strategy right away. Z57 provides 5 different types of posts that are designed to increase engagement, generate comments and shares, all actions that help combat these recent changes. 

A few fun stats about our product (2017 statistics) 

  • Engaged Users: 1.56M
  • Impressions: 108.6M
  • Users Reached: 66.1M

For more information on how to dominate the “apocalypse,” schedule a demo with us to learn how PropertyPulse can increase lead engagement and continue to help you gather Facebook leads despite the recent algorithm change.

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