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Agent Tech Tip - Get Linked - From Facebook to Twitter

Posted by Z57 Marketing Team

May 18, 2016 7:39:55 AM

In today’s Agent Tech Tip- Sonja Yantzer, a real estate agent at Trademark Realty in North Dakota, talks about linking your Facebook to Twitter.

Here’s Sonja:

Sonja shares how she saves time while scheduling her real estate social media by linking her Facebook and Twitter accounts. In addition to saving yourself time, linking your Facebook to Twitter can ensure that you’re hitting various social media platforms. It also gives you a greater chance of being heard by your followers by giving your real estate content more exposure.  

3 Steps to linking your Facebook and Twitter accounts:

Step 1: Login to your Facebook account

In a new window, click the drop down arrow next to the question mark in the right hand corner. This will show you all of the Facebook pages you manage.

Step 2: Choose the Facebook page that you want to link to your Twitter account

When you select the Facebook page, either personal or business, an authorization page will appear.

Step 3: Enter Twitter account information

Once you enter your Twitter username and password, hit authorize app and confirm the changes you have made.


You can link statuses, photos, videos, or whatever you choose. With Z57’s PropertyPulse software, Sonja is able to not only schedule her social media posts on Facebook, but because the two are linked, she is able to schedule them to Twitter also.

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