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How Often Should Real Estate Agents Update Their Social Media Profile Pics?

Posted by Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis

Jan 29, 2020 7:30:00 AM

New year, new profile pic. It's not often that real estate agents will update their professional head shot. That is okay in most cases, however - with the invention of wireless and phone cameras, posting photos of yourself online has become easier than ever. We can give a faithful representation of who we are, so when real estate agents meet their prospects online - they won't be unexpectedly surprised. However ---- does that mean we should keep the same profile photo for more than a year?

How Often Should Real Estate Agents Update Their Social Media Profile Pics

The below list are guidelines to follow based on features of each social media platform. This may change in the future. This is what we would recommend.

How Often Should You Update Your Profile Photo on Social Media?

1. Update your Facebook profile photo every few months

I will include your cover photo in this category too. With Facebook, updating your profile photo is equivalent to posting a listing and "pinning" it to the top of your page. Even if it's a slight change, like adding a logo for a charity you align with - it can reengage your audience. Changing your profile photo or cover photo will show up in the newsfeed! Give your audience a reason to conenct with you.

2. Update your Twitter profile photo annually

Twitter does something similar, and will create a "#NewProfilePic" tweet when you update your profile photo. While you can update your Twitter photo as often as you like - there isn't a big benefit to update your photo on this platform. If you want to build your social media influence on twitter, do so by joining ongoing conversations and sharing photos and infographics to your feed.

3. Update Your Instagram profile photo sparingly

Instagram does not alert your audience when you update your profile photo. In fact, it might confuse some users who are used to seeing your current profile photo. You should not worry too much about updating Instagram profile photo, and instead worry more about posting engaging content + Instagram Stories that will prompt direct messages from prospective homeowners.

4. Sometimes you should update all profiles

In order to maintain brand consistency, it may be a good idea to update your profile photo on each platform you are active on simultaneously. In the case that you get a new professional head shot, you should update all your social media profiles regardless of any benefits the algorithm will give you.

Your profile photo is your brand logo for your social media presence. Be sure to stay active on social media to get your brand seen by more potential home buyers and sellers. One of the easiest ways to do that is to leverage automation. You can click below to give our auto-poster tool a test drive.

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