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How to Apply the Top 4 Super Bowl Commercials to your Real Estate Advertisements

Posted by Brian Lim

Feb 7, 2019 4:04:00 AM

The Super Bowl is the premier outlet for American advertisements. With 100 million viewers of all demographics, companies paid a record breaking price of $5 million for a 30 second time slot. Bud Light even hired the Game of Thrones director, David Nutter as the director of one of their commercials! As you can see, companies go all out for the Super Bowl and they use their best ideas which you can adapt to your real estate advertisements. 


In this article, we will analyze the top 4 2019 Super Bowl commercials and suggest takeaways that any real estate agent can apply to their advertisements. We will take a look at commercials from Amazon, Walmart, Skechers, and Bud Light.

1. Not Everything Makes the Cut

If you’ve searched online for any type of smart speaker, you already know about Amazon’s Alexa. Their Super Bowl commercial uses a humor technique called exploring and heightening a point of view. This technique uses hypothetical applications of one idea to another. In this commercial, Amazon employees explore the idea of Alexa in other products and heighten the idea to other consumer products like an electric toothbrush, a dog collar, and a hot tub.

Takeaway: Exploring and heightening a point of view in real estate can give your audience a nice chuckle. For example, one of your key responsibilities is finding a house for a buyer. You can create a series of graphics that tell a story of your ability to find whatever people are searching for. You can start off with a graphic of you helping a child find their cat or dog, then helping a detective find a clue (such as necklace) to help them solve their case, next you can help a pirate find his treasure, after that you can help a NASA scientist find an alien, and then you can end the series with you helping a home buyer find a home. Explore your job description and take an idea, then heighten it by applying it to funny and wacky scenarios.

2. Grocery Pickup

Curb side delivery is a new service that grocery stores and restaurants implemented in 2018 but will become ubiquitous in 2019. However, the commercial isn’t interesting because of the “new” service, it’s the utilization of the service by iconic fictional vehicles that’s memorable. The Batmobile, the Ghostbuster’s Miller-Meteor, the dog van from Dumb and Dumber, the Denali from Back to the Future, and more come to Walmart to pick up groceries. Feeling nostalgic yet?

Takeaway: How would iconic fictional characters use your service as their real estate agent? There are several iconic homes that you can use such as the McCallister’s house in Home Alone, Danny Tanner’s home in Full House, Mike and Carol’s home from the Brady Bunch, and so much more. Create a graphic or video of you helping a fictional character by showing them a couple of homes in town. Finally, you introduce them to their iconic house and they’re elated!

3. Easy

It took him longer than his whole career, but Tony Romo finally made it to the Super Bowl! In this Skechers commercial, Tony is drawn to products that make his life easier. His Roomba vacuums his popcorn crumbs, his machine plays fetch with his dog, he has a giant hole on his golf course, and of course, he slips on a pair of Skechers. Tony is like everyone else, he wants his life to be easier.

Takeaway: As a real estate agent, how can you make a customer’s life easier? You can create a video of a friend doing normal tasks with a slight modification that makes it easier. For example, your friend can take their dog for a walk on a treadmill or dunk on a kid-sized basketball hoop. Then you’d show how your friend used you to because you make buying or selling a home easy!

4. Special Delivery

Bud Light’s commercial about receiving the wrong delivery of corn syrup was a light jab at their competition. The commercial wasn’t very effective, and it could spark a retaliation from their competition – like Verizon’s commercial with the colorful balls. Trash talking your competition isn’t the best way to market your brand and should be avoided. Since Bud Light already had their entertaining Game of Thrones co-op commercial, there really wasn’t a need for this smear commercial.

Takeaway: Don't trash talk your competition.

The Super Bowl is a great opportunity to learn from some of the best advertisers in the industry. By analyzing their commercials and assessing their techniques, you can adapt them to your real estate advertisement to grow your brand. From this Super Bowl, you learned to explore and heighten a point of view, imagine how icons or unique demographics would use your service, cater your messaging to your clients by showing them how you can make their life easier, and not to trash talk your competition. How will you apply these ideas to your real estate advertising?

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