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How to Be a Likable Real Estate Agent on Facebook

Posted by Emily Murray

Aug 3, 2017 7:00:00 AM

How to get people to like you as a real estate agent on facebook

Many agents are nervous when it comes to establishing their brand on social media. Often there are two ideologies battling in their heads – professionalism and likability. Well, the good news is that both can co-exist. The creation of Facebook business pages has forever changed the consumer/brand interaction, as an agent, your leads and clients are more accessible than ever. 

Here are a few ways to have a popular and likable Facebook business page.

Be Natural

Sure, this is probably the #1 piece of advice for most situations, but it certainly holds true on social media. People like to engage and speak with people, not robots. If you sound non-conversational or overly “salesy” leads are going to start tuning you out.


No one likes a one-way conversation. If you find yourself only posting on your own page and never liking or commenting on anyone else’s, you are missing half the equation. Social media is designed perfectly for real and engaging conversations. If you see a photo you like, or a discussion that interests you don’t be afraid to engage.

Offer Insight

Another great reason to have you own real estate business page is that it helps position you as your local area’s expert. Offer insight and post community events and other engaging content on events in your neighborhood. If you see others asking industry-related questions, be the first to answer and give your opinion.

Be Positive

This likely goes without saying, but if you are frustrated with a client or are having a particularly bad day, don’t let this spill onto your page. If you have something personal that is particularly upsetting and you wish to share it on your own page (not business), that’s up to you. However, it’s best to keep these things off your business page.

Run a Contest

Running a contest can be a terrific way to drive engagement and earn a few extra likability points! Be creative and have fun with it. Whether you post a photo and ask for your followers to caption it or you ask a trivia question, the goal is to connect and reward participation. Starbucks gift cards or perhaps a ticket to a sports event are ideas that don’t cost a lot, but they will be appreciated.

Use Call-to-Actions

While you don’t want every post to have a marketing call-to-action, this can be effective for capturing and converting leads. If you are promoting an open house, ask people to RSVP or if you are looking to increase your readership on your blog, ask your followers to subscribe.

Post Videos and Photos

Videos and photos are shared more than any other type of content on Facebook. Take a chance and go live! Facebook Live is one of the newest and most popular ways to connect with followers. The best part about it is that you don’t need a professional camera. People relate to videos that are self-shot on iPhones and that don’t have perfect filters or an edited script. Realness is what separates brands that excel on social media from those that flounder.

Above all else, think like the consumer. What brands do you interact with the most? Who do you unfollow? Take your agent hat off for a moment and consider what appeals and appalls you on social media.

Don’t have a Facebook account? Not a problem! Have one but aren’t getting leads or engagement? We can help you with that too. Leverage PropertyPulse’s tools for gaining insight into your leads social profiles. Sign up for a demo today and learn how to increase engagement on Facebook.

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