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Boosting Credibility With 0 Past Transactions [Real Estate Website]

Posted by Brian Lim

Jun 13, 2019 4:00:00 AM

It’s tough generating leads when you’re a rookie agent with zero transactions, credibility and trust among your real estate market. Every agent has started out in this same position and have grown into successful veterans - you can too. With the introduction of the internet, the real estate game is a little different and the overwhelming majority of consumers start their search online. Not every potential lead will meet you, but they will see your website. That’s why it is so important to establish credibility with the information on your website

When you have website but no credibility and zero transactions or contacts

In this article, I will list 5 features that every rookie real estate agent should include on their website to boost their credibility. These website features include: shout outs from third-parties, references from past relationships, high-resolution photos, social profile widgets, and awards on your website.

1. Boost Credibility with Shout Outs

If you’ve been praised by a third-party for helping them, that can be considered a shout out – especially if they post an article on it that you can link back to. For example, if you’ve written a blog article that got published to Inman or a charity posted about you - these can be used as shout outs. Shout outs boost your credibility because they show your positive involvement in the community, which also builds trust. You will can generate leads from members that belong to the communities that gave you the shout out. For example, from other agents that follow Inman, and from members or followers of the charity. The followers of the charity can also are all potential leads.

2. Add References to Your Website

Yes, you don’t have any past clients to give you a review, but you have worked with other people that have the authority to boost your credibility. Think of them as if you were applying for a new job and you didn’t have any past employment history. For example, your past supervisor at your previous job, one of your professors at school, one of your coaches, or a club leader.

3. Add High-Resolution Photos on Your Website

Displaying high-resolution photos on your website may not close a deal for you but they can entice potential leads to call you. On the other hand, poor photos will turn off potential leads. When adding photos to your website such as listing photos, your headshots, local neighborhood photos, or in blog articles – make sure they’re high quality and original!

4. Leverage Social Proof To Add Credibility

It’s possible to add social media widgets to your website that displays a snippet of your profile. The more followers, more valuable content, and more quality engagement you have, the more credibility you’ll earn. Potential leads can get an idea of your personality by reading your comments and posts, and along with how you engage with your followers. Make sure you post relevant content often and follow up when someone engages with you.

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5. Showcase Your Non-Real Estate Awards

People who do quality work earn awards. So, displaying yours on your website will show off your skills and abilities. Since you probably haven’t received any real estate awards, leverage awards from previous jobs, school, clubs, and other organizations. Is there a badge online on their website that you case use? Install it!

Proving your abilities and earning opportunities can be difficult when starting out in real estate. In order to build credibility, you need to include shout outs from third-parties, references from past relationships, high-resolution photos, social profile widgets, and awards on your website. This type of information will give potential leads confirmation that you can do that job they are looking to fill. If you add these 5 website features, you will boost your credibility and generate more leads through your website.

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