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How to Write Real Estate Content Leads Want to Share

Posted by Z57 Marketing Team

Jun 21, 2017 7:05:00 AM


  1. Establish a goal
  2. Attract engagement
  3. Cater content to each platform
  4. Post a variety

For some agents, the hardest part about blogging or social media is figuring out how to use each individual platform. For other agents, however, the hardest part of blogging or posting on social media is coming up with content that will help to get leads to engage with them. Without content that relates to your audience, it doesn't matter how well you know how to use each platform because no one will be engaging with you anyways, right? Coming up with compelling content helps get your name and brand known in the industry and market as a real estate expert. How does your content creation stack up to the rest of the industry?

Here are 4 tips to help you create the best real estate content for leads:

1. Establish a goal

Without a goal, it can be hard to maintain the motivation and momentum in order to succeed in such a competitive industry. Everything you do in business, and in life, should have a goal so that you are constantly striving towards something tangible. You may know an agent whom you think is wildly successful, and maybe they are closing a lot of deals, but that doesn't mean that they are successful online. Create content goals that you would like to meet each week. Maybe your goal is to gain a specific number of followers per month. Maybe your goal is to get a certain number of interactions (shares, comments, likes, etc) on each post. Set attainable goals for yourself each month so that you can continue to improve as you become more experienced.

2. Attract engagement

It is vital that your content attracts leads. Write catchy titles for your posts that will grab attention in the same way that a loud noise gets people’s attention. Post content that encourages engagement by asking a question or requests feedback. Make sure that all of your content is going to be beneficial for leads and that your content is something worth sharing. Be bold, be brave, and be knowledgeable about what your leads are looking to read about.

3. Cater content to each platform

Your target market on each platform may vary. For example, Millennials are more active on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat than on LinkedIn. Additionally, the content posted on LinkedIn tends to be more industry oriented than the content that can be posted on platforms like Twitter and Pinterest. Your content goal as an agent is to provide content that your leads are going to relate to or learn from, so targeting each audience is crucial for success.

4. Post a variety

If you are posting the same type of content over and over again, stop! Your leads are bored and don’t want to engage with you anymore. Posting a variety of content type and of different topics will keep your leads constantly wanting to engage with your posts. Come up with a content schedule that alternates the type of post (video or written), and then post a variation of blogs, industry news, useful tips, promotional information, or any other topic that your target would be able to relate to. Remember your goal when you are doing this so that you can measure success and tweak your strategy if necessary.
Developing content that encourages engagement means that you are taking the time to build a content strategy; the keyword being - time. Becoming a content strategy expert takes time and dedication. When you follow these best practices, it can drastically increase the likelihood that your leads will engage with and share your content.

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