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Is Facebook Marketplace the New Craigslist?

Posted by Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis

Apr 24, 2019 7:30:22 AM

IIs Facebook marketplace the new Craigslist? Short answer, yes. Continue reading to find out why it is BETTER than Craigslist.
Facebook New Craigslist

Why Facebook Marketplace is Great for Real Estate Agents

1. Everybody is on Facebook

How many times a day do you check Craigslist? How many times a day do you check Facebook? Exactly. With everybody, especially your homebuyer demographic, already on Facebook there is a more compelling reason to leverage Facebook Marketplace to advertise your listings.

2. There are Still FSBOs

As long as there are homes to sell, there will be people that think they can do it themselves. This is an excellent opportunity to prospect FSBOs on Facebook. Offer to share the listing on your website to give it more exposure to your audience. When the proeprty doesn't sell, they will go to you for your services.

3. Direct Communication

If a lead sees a listing they are interested in on Facebook, they will contact you directly. No more emails missing a response or playing phone tag! You have a direct line to your prospect via Facebook messenger.

4. You Can Add Links!

There were way too many restrictions on Craigslist, which caused many agents to stop using the service. With Facebook, you can add links into your description! Add links to your website to convert looky-loos to real estate leads.

5. Less Scams

Every Facebook Marketplace post must be tied to a Facebook account. This ensures both parties that there are real people behind the posts. There is a lower likelihood that you are giving money to a prince from a foreign country!
At the end of the day Facebook Marketplace is a great place to expand your brand awareness, prospect FSBOs, and ultimately increase your influence.

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