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Post to Post: The Correct Way To Generate Real Estate Leads on Facebook (for free)

Posted by Brian Lim

Aug 30, 2018 6:51:00 AM

5 Tips to Boost Business During Downtime (6)

  1. Attract Leads: Creating content
  2. Start Conversations: Comment on Facebook
  3. Tools for Successful Lead Generation on Facebook
  4. What Facebook Commenting Strategy Looks Like

If you’re like most agents, you might be doing social media wrong. A lot of agents create a post, then sit back with expectation that leads will start pouring in, but you and I both know that’s not how it works. The correct way to use Facebook is by posting AND commenting.  In other words, creating relevant content and sharing it on Facebook, as well as searching through local community pages to comment on posts. People will reply to your comments, starting a conversation that can segue into a phone call. 

Essentially, commenting on Facebook is the new door to door in real estate, but you’ll work more efficiently because you can touch more people; cover more area and exert minimal energy in less time. The first step of commenting on Facebook is to create a piece of content that people can comment on, then you’ll search for people that need help, next you’ll respond to their reply, starting a conversation. Here is your opportunity to building rapport, share your content, establish expertise, and showcase your knowledge of the market or area.

1. Attract Leads: Creating content

Valuable and helpful content attracts new visitors to your website and increases engagement on Facebook. Primarily through blog posts on your website, they can answer frequently asked questions, promote a local business, clarify misconceptions, or provide guidance. If this is your first time writing a blog post, getting started can feel overwhelming because you might be stepping outside of your comfort zone or you might not have enough time.  Try to think of this as an opportunity to show off your personality and expertise. If you would like help brainstorm ideas, we have a blog post guide that will walk you through the process.  In addition, below are some ideas to help you get started:

5 Content Ideas for Lead Generation:

  1. A blog post that answers questions for your target market: Are you ready to purchase a home? 10 questions everyone should ask themselves before purchasing a home!
  2. Review a service or business: 5 Reasons You Should Go With My Lender
  3. A Market Report with a 300-word analysis
  4. A blog post about why you love your local market
  5. Find another article that you found helpful and sum it up
    *View Our Content Idea Page for more ideas!

2. Start Conversations: Comment on Facebook

Your goal is to comment on 40 posts per day. With this strategy, you’ll work more efficiently because you can touch more people; cover more area and exert minimal energy in less time. Think of your comment as a “knock” on a prospect’s door. Once you comment, they will have access to and have the freedom to reply to it on their mobile devices. As you master this strategy, you'll begin to generate more and more leads on Facebook, relying less on door knocking.

To initiate a conversation, search for posts by:

  • Use your network - Identity prospects in your network that are getting new jobs or promotions, getting married, having babies, or moving.  These are behaviors that indicate a potential home buyer.  Congratulate and build rapport with them to convert them into your lead by commenting on their post.
  • Facebook groups - Join a neighborhood, community, or local Facebook group.  They're filled with prospects looking for answers and solutions to their heartaches.  Type "Neighborhood watch groups near me" or "community groups near me" in the Facebook search bar to find relevant groups.
  • Use keywords or phrases - Type, "Real estate in {YOUR CITY}", "Homes for sale in {YOUR CITY}", "Buying a home {YOUR CITY}", "Selling a home {YOUR CITY}".  Focus on the Posts from Friends and Public Posts sections, which will show the relevant posts in and outside of your network, respectively.

Leave comments on posts that are relevant to you with the intent of helping or providing value. It's like that saying, "You attract more bees with honey than vinegar", you attract more leads with service than sales.  Whether you’re providing information with the content on your website, answer questions, clearing up misconceptions, or sharing recommendations; leaving comments on Facebook is a great way to start a conversation to grow your network, spread your brand, and establish expertise in the market.

The key to this strategy is consistency.  It will take discipline to practice this every day, but you will reap the rewards in a few months.  You’ll start seeing the value of Facebook and its incredible potential to generate leads.  Remember, following up is just as important as the initial comment and your prospect will expect a quick answer, preferable within 1-2 hours on Facebook.

3. Tools for Successful Lead Generation on Facebook

  • PropertyPulse will help you automate your content and posts.  If you set it at the beginning of the week or month and you’ll have more time to dedicate to your blog posts and other real estate duties
  • Facebook Pages Manager Mobile App will help you keep track of your comments and will allow you to take your conversations on the go
  • Z57’s Content Calendar will help you create ideas for your blog posts
  • Grammarly will help with correct spelling and grammar
  • Canva.com for stock images and creating images with customized text

4. What Facebook Commenting Strategy Looks Like

You’ll want your blog post to be at least 300 words for SEO purposes.  Once you’ve published your helpful blog post on your website, you’ll want to schedule a post to Facebook around an optimal time.  For example, around 8 a.m. when people are eating breakfast or 11 a.m. when people are eating lunch.

Once you’ve scheduled your blog post, you’ll comment on relevant posts and statuses where you can provide value. You'll start by looking at posts in your news feed,  hashtags relevant to your zip code, city, your interests, or real estate keywords; you can check out local community pages, or you can view comments on trending Facebook posts from Realtor.com and Zillow’s business page or a different organization in the real estate industry.

After you’ve completed your 40 comments, you can go out into the field or work on other responsibilities and use your Facebook Pages Manager Mobile App to reply to comments.  You’ll exchange comments with your prospect and start a conversation.  This is your opportunity to demonstrate your expertise, usefulness, and value.  Remember that you’re there to help, not to sell.  Try to keep a helpful tone during your conversation.  Ask them if you can answer any questions or if they have any challenges or struggles you can help with.  You can nudge your prospects down your funnel by recommending one of your blog posts that solves one of their challenges, suggesting your marketing tools, or by offering to schedule a consultation.  


Be consistent! Try to implement this strategy every day. Once you've mastered this strategy, you'll never have to generate leads by going door to door again.  Don't forget to follow up with each reply to your comments.

Are you still not sold on this idea? Think of it like this, you can generate leads by spending hours knocking on doors in the hot sun, interrupting people’s lives (If they’re even home) or you can leave a helpful and valuable comment on Facebook from your bed in your pajamas while you watch The Price Is Right.  Which one seems harder now?

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