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Choosing the Right Real Estate Keywords For Top Exposure

Posted by Z57 Marketing Team

May 31, 2017 7:29:00 AM

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As a real estate agent trying to grow your online presence, your first priority needs to be establishing keywords to help you get your blogs and content top exposure. While templates and pictures are also an important factor of building an online presence, if people can’t find you, then your effort to find the perfect header picture on your website won't matter. Keywords are recognized by search engines and help you attract visitors to your website. This is important so that your website can gain ranking and gain first page search engine exposure. Based on who your demographic is, you can target your keywords accordingly.

Here are 4 things to consider when choosing keywords to help your real estate content’s SEO:

Determine your market

Determining your market is crucial to selecting the correct keywords. Chances are millennials may google search different words or phrases than a different demographic. Targeting your keywords to your market ensures that your content can be easily found via a google search.

Make a list

Consider the words your clients, or potential clients are most likely to use when they are searching online for a real estate agent or real estate related content. The most beneficial keywords are actually 2 - 4 words long so it is important to include all variations so that you can be found. Also keep in mind that you want to be broad, but keep your keywords specific to what you offer.


It is vital to repeat your keywords as many times as possible throughout your posts, but of course you want to be mindful that you are not over using the keyword. There is no science to how many times you should use your keywords in order to optimize your post, and keyword repetition doesn't actually impact your ranking. What keyword repetition does is make the content of the post clear to search engines and your readers.


Pick a few keywords that you are going to consistently use throughout your post. Maybe these keywords are brand specific, or maybe they are more generic. Consistency is key to to helping search engines rank you. If you focus on a few keywords being ranked, you will have more success than if you try to get ranked using each of your keywords. Unlike the repetition of keywords, consistency in keywords is considered in the ranking criteria.

Here are some of the most used real estate keywords:

[your city] Realtor

[your city] Realtors

[your city] Real estate agent

[your city] Real estate agents

Top real estate agents in [your city]

Finding a realtor in [your city]

Best real estate agent in [your city]

Best realtor in [your city]

How to find a real estate broker

Sell house fast in [your city]

Selling a home in [your city]

How to sell your home in [your city]

Home selling tips

Sell your home fast


Foreclosures in [your city]

Short selling

Short sale process

For sale by owner in [your city]

Fsbo in [your city]

Selling your own home

House for sale in [your city]

Real estate listings in [your city]

Cheap houses for sale in [your city]

Buying a home

Buy home

Home buying

When to buy a home

How to buy a home

First time homebuyer

First time homebuyer programs

Home buying tips
… You get the point. It is pivotal as a real estate agent to constantly increase traffic to your website using keywords. Using keywords helps search engines find your content, and therefore will help potential clients find your content as well. If you aren’t properly utilizing keywords, then you should be!

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