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Search Engine Marketing 101: The Basics

Posted by Z57 Marketing Team

Feb 14, 2012 8:11:55 AM

Real estate agents often create a website with no regard to search engine marketing (SEM) traffic, using the theory that if they build it, “they will come.” However, one important factor in real estate web development is to understand SEM traffic before launching an agency website to be sure that clients actually can find you. Z57 offers these tips for search engine marketing to draw more customers to your site.

Search Engines

Real estate agents surf the web and look up information in search engines just like customers do, but quite often, when planning websites, real estate agents don’t always think like a customer.  The average consumer uses their favorite search engine and enters a search term that they understand, and this may not be the terminology actually used in the industry.  By focusing on typically used keywords when developing a website, agents can fine-tune search engine traffic to ensure their agency site appears higher in the search engine results.  Z57 explains the two major types of search engine marketing tools – search engine optimization and pay for placement.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) uses a combination of tools to increase the ranking a site achieves in search engines.  These tools include optimal use of keywords, consistent online activity and the availability of multiple web sources with the company brand. These web sources may be a Facebook page, a website and a blog, all with the company brand prominently displayed.  Higher rankings on search engine results result in more website traffic.

Pay for Placement

Just like it sounds, pay for placement is when an advertiser pays a search engine to automatically place their website at the top of a search engine result.  This places the link to the pay for placement site above sites that are listed organically by the search engine.  The photo below shows the difference between the organic search placement and the paid search placement.  Because the site shows first, the belief is that those who search for certain keyword strings will be more likely to click on those sites and increase SEM traffic.

Search Engine Marketing Traffic

Gaining search engine traffic requires some research and understanding of how people search the Internet, but understanding how it works can offer your agency the opportunity to reach a larger audience. Z57 offers Traffic Elite – a search engine marketing management tool created to give you the edge against your competition and ensure that your website is being seen on the three largest search engines – Google, Yahoo and Bing. With Z57, not only are you getting top placement on three of the biggest search engines, but we do all the work for you, providing data that will empower you to target an effective search audience, monitoring results to eliminate ineffective criteria and managing your campaign on a weekly basis to ensure money is being well spent.

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