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The 3 E's to Real Estate Blog Titles (+ a Free Title Generator)

Posted by Emily Murray

Apr 25, 2017 6:30:00 AM

In the digital world, headline style is everything. Unlike a library, sites like Google and Facebook allow us to scan through dozens of articles within seconds, meaning article titles need to be appealing or those articles will get skipped over. Luckily, we’ve uncovered the science behind title writing. This guide is designed to educate you on the three most important aspects of drafting effective blog titles. Keep these 3 ideas in mind when crafting your blog titles and download our free Blog Title Generator at the bottom to quickly write viral Real Estate blogs to generate traffic to your website.

How to create better real estate blog titles
Follow these 3 E's to start crafting clickable Real Estate blog titles:


Have you ever spent hours writing and researching topics for a blog, only to find that no one even read it? Or maybe the opposite happens, you briefly compose a blog, and it goes viral. Having an enticing blog title is a key ingredient to successful blog writing. No one will ever know you write killer content if your titles are dull. Compare the following two blog titles: “22 things you should know about the Real Estate market in San Diego, but don’t” Vs. “22 facts about the San Diego Real Estate Market.” When it comes to blog titles, delivery is everything.


Let your prospective audience know of the topics you’ll be educating them on. Home buyers and sellers need seek a lot of informational articles online before deciding on an agent. Being an expert on the home buying and/or selling process will draw them in and increases your credibility with leads. Topics that leads may not be familiar with include, choosing a home loan, pricing a home, home staging, and home negotiation tactics.


When you're surfing your Facebook feed or Google search results, which links do you click on? Articles with controversial topics generally go viral. Buyers and sellers maybe opinionated on certain topics, such as popcorn ceilings or mirrored closet doors. Likewise, some topics are generally more interesting, such as tips for home sellers with embarrassing neighbors. Compare the following too blog titles: “Are Nightmare Neighbors Preventing You from Selling Your Home? You Should do these 3 Things” with “How to Deal with Bad Neighbors.” The first title is more entertaining than the latter, as many home sellers can relate to the feeling of having neighbors that are a “nightmare.” Also, the fact that neighbors maybe so bad as to prevent the sale of a home makes the audience anticipate a juicy read.

Want to create catchy blog titles fast? Download our FREE Real Estate Blog Title Generator. The generator is sort of like mad libs for Real Estate. Simply decide whether you want to attract buyer or seller leads, pick a few topics you're knowledgeable in, and get to plugging. This downloadable form includes 30 plus hyper local SEO titles geared for either home buyers or sellers in your market.

Download Blog Title Generator!

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