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Time Management Tips For Real Estate Agents

Posted by Emily Murray

Aug 14, 2017 4:30:00 AM

time management tips for real estate agents

Let’s face it, you’ve got a lot going on. Between following up with leads, closing deals, hosting open houses, returning phone calls and maintaining a work/life balance, your days are packed! This hustle and bustle is why many agents love the industry so much – there’s certainly never a dull moment. It can, however, be challenging to decide how to best allocate your time, after all, in this business time is money!

Embrace that fast-paced lifestyle and get more accomplished each day with these time management tips for real estate agents.

1.Prioritize Tasks

Divide your task list into low and high priority. For some, a digital list is easiest while for others writing out tasks on a post-it note is most effective. However you prefer, simply notate your most important and high priority to-do’s. Whether you do this with a different color, a star or a checkmark is up to you. This organization will help keep you from becoming overwhelmed and will help you to hold yourself accountable to work through those high priority tasks.

2.Schedule Time to Dedicate to Marketing

This is the key to success with our agents who market and gather leads with PropertyPulse. It’s not enough to simply assume that marketing will 100% take care of itself. The most important aspect of lead generation is the follow-up. It doesn’t matter how many leads you are generating in a week, if you don’t follow up with any, you might as well be getting zero.

In addition to following up with leads, take the time to work on your social media calendar. Many agents find success doing this each Friday for the following week. Our PropertyPulse users have Facebook posts automated for them, however, taking the time to personalize these can increase the amount of engagement that the post receives.

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3.Dedicate Specific Hours to Each Task

Once you have your high and low priority tasks separated, dedicate specific hours for each. There are many free tools out there that you can install on your computer and the time tracking is done for you!

Check out this collection of the best tools from Toggl.

4.Develop a Consistent Pattern to Get Tasks Done

When you look at your task list, there will be items to be repeated and completed on a regular basis. By setting aside a plan for each week, you can assure that you have worked time into your schedule to get these tasks accomplished. Set specific hours of specific days for these reoccurring tasks and put them in your calendar. Now it will be much harder to forget (or procrastinate over) these tasks.

5.Outline Blogs and Paid Ads Ahead of Time

In addition to setting aside your social media planning and other marketing tasks, outlining all blogs and paid ads a week before you will actually be using them is one of the best ways to save yourself time. Our Z57 team practices this and not only does is save time but also eliminates the stress of having to scramble around at the last minute. You will also find that with the extra time to work on these creative projects, the outcome will be a higher quality piece of content.

6.Set Specific Office Hours

As I mentioned earlier, the work/life balance can be a challenge for many agents. While there may be unforeseen issues that take you outside of set office hours, it’s still a good idea to establish hours specifically for work. Rather than saying “oh, I am available anytime,” set hours that are best for you to be contacted between.

7.Limit Distractions

Distractions are the thief of productivity! If you are focused on your marketing for the following week, for example, don’t check your email during that time. Yes, it’s difficult but if you are attempting to multi-task constantly, you won’t get anything done without focusing your undivided attention on just one task for a set period of time.

8.Develop Healthy Sleeping Habits

You’ve heard this since you were a kid but as an adult it holds truer than ever. Now you have more stress, more responsibilities and more need for a good night’s sleep. As hard as it may be, don’t look at your phone right before bed. Studies have shown that the light from your screen tells the brain it’s daytime and can impact your internal clock.

Proper time management all comes down to following a set plan. Whether it’s leaving work at the office to spend time with family each evening or dedicating a few hours on the weekend to outline paid ads, these tips can increase your productivity while reducing your stress.

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