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Using Twitter for Real Estate in 2020

Posted by Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis

Nov 13, 2019 7:30:00 AM

According to Twitter, there are 310 million monthly active users. For real estate agents, that’s 310 million possible clients. Twitter is a one stop shop where people can discover what’s going on in the world in seconds, share information instantly, and connect with people and businesses around the globe. See how Twitter can help you build meaningful connections with a relevant and engaging audience who could become potential real estate clients.

Using Twitter for Real Estate in 2020
Here are 6 Quick Tips to Using Twitter for Real Estate

1. Consistent Branding

Just like any other social media platform, your profile is the foundation of your success on social media. Ensure that you select a twitter username that reflects your brand, and more importantly is the same as your website address. Your username is going to be seen by everyone, every time you post. In your Twitter bio, tell the Twitter world who you are and what you do. What makes you a better real estate agent than your competitors?

2. Leverage Your Networking Skills

Get your colleagues, friends, family, and past satisfied clients to follow you on Twitter and engage with you. The first people to help you build your brand on Twitter should come internally. Maybe one of your past clients uses Twitter also. Are they not on twitter? Use your networking skills to meet new people online, similar to how you would in Facebook Groups. On twitter you will be connecting hashtags and location geotags instead of groups.

3. Connect with Influencers

Influencers can have following of any size. You can connect with a baby boomer who has a few friends, a plumber with a mid-size following, or a big brand with a dedicated fanbase. Use the Twitter search tool to find like-minded users, and follow them. Networking with influencers has the potential to send you traffic by retweeting your posts. You want these influencers to share your content or mention your business because this is how your twitter following is going to grow.

4. Use Visual Content

Much like Facebook, most users will scroll through their feed until they see something of interest. The easiest way to stop their scroll is by using photos and video. Share infographics, share local photos, share flyers, much like you would on Facebook. Tweet something eye-catching to have a twitter user pay attention to you.

5. Browse the Hashtags

Most people will go to twitter to consumer content such as news articles or stories about topics they have an interest in. Do a search in Twitter for a hashtag you are interested in (like #RealEstate or #YourCityName) and see what people are posting. Contribute to that conversation by tweeting and engaging with those twitter users.

6. Tweet and Engage

Tweeting, favoriting (liking), commenting, and retweeting on a regular basis shows that you are active on social media. If you only plan to tweet once a week or once a month, no one is going to want to engage with you. If you are concerned that you don’t have time to be active on your account, Z57 has a solution for you. PropertyPulse automates your marketing on Facebook, which you can also link to your Twitter account. Let Z57 do the work for you! If you are scheduling your own content, make sure that you are posting relevant and useful content that is going to interest your followers, and encourage them to engage with you. If one of your followers comments on a tweet, engage back. If one of your followers retweeted one of your tweets, (GREAT!), now comment and thank them for sharing your content. People like to know that their actions don’t go unnoticed.

Engaging with your followers on Twitter and staying up to date managing your profile will increase the possibility of gaining new clients. Get more out of your business marketing strategy by giving Twitter a try and watch your business grow!

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