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Ways to Ease First-Time Home Buyer Stress

Posted by Emily Murray

Jun 12, 2018 8:00:00 AM


For real estate agents, first-time home buyers may prove slightly challenging but while they can put your patience and talents to the test, they are a large part of most real estate businesses. Your knowledge and experience should help put them at ease right off the bat, but if there are still some underlying nerves, try these 6 tips for helping to ease those first-time home buyer jitters. 

1. Get to Know Your Client Personally

The more your client feels like they know you, the more comfortable they will be throughout the process. Conversely, the more you know about your clients and their particular wants and needs, the more time and energy you will be saving yourself in the long run. 

Be sure to highlight all their must-haves and help them differentiate the must-haves from the would-be-nice features. 

2. Remove the Fear of the Unknown

It's human nature to fear the unknown. Take the time in the beginning to explain each step of the process to your clients. The less they need to guess what's coming next, the better the situation will play out. 

3. Consider Questions They Might Not Know to Ask

Some home buyers are too scared or not knowledgeable enough to ask the hard questions. Your job as an agent is to answer the tough questions without event being asked. Use your experience as an asset to point out different aspects of the home buying process they may be unfamiliar with. 

4. Don't Skirt Around the Financial Talk

You want your buyers to be happy with their purchase and with their options throughout the showing process. This is why it's imperative to discuss finances with your buyers. From closing costs to down payments, this is all subject for discussion. 

5. Be Confident In Your Market Knowledge

Your clients are working with you because you know the market inside and out. Use this confidence to help put them at ease. Make sure you can discuss the inside scoop on all the homes they are looking at and what the neighborhoods have to offer. Location is just as important, if not more, than the actual property itself. 

6. Be Aware of Outside Influences 

While there is no way to completely control outside influences, you can try and manage them. This means being open to discussing what your clients are hearing from friends and family members and helping manage expectations properly. 

While there will always be first-time home buying angst, by reassuring, educating, and managing your client's expectations, you (and they) will have a much better working and personal relationship. 

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