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What to do When Real Estate Lead Flow is Slow

Posted by Emily Murray

Oct 3, 2017 4:30:00 AM

What to do when real estate lead flow is slow

There are basically two reactions you can have when lead flow is slow.

  1. Complete and total panic
  2. Determination to better your business

While #1 is arguably most agent’s first response, learning to utilize down time effectively can help your business prosper in the long run. Every business owner in every industry will experience ebbs and flows and while we all wish leads would be pilling in daily, it’s just not likely. Not sure what to do when you lead flow is slow? We’ve put together 4 tasks that can fill your down time and improve your business.

1. Rework Your Marketing Plan

Most days it feels like there is no wiggle room in your schedule to really sit down and re-examine your marketing plan. What does this entail? Depending on your current marketing this might mean writing new Facebook ads for your listings, tweaking your email nurturing campaign, reaching out to guest post on real estate blogs or maybe even coming up with a new door knocking campaign.

Here are other items to review in your marketing plan:

  • Your lead gen strategy
  • Ideas for growing your email list
  • Research CRM systems (if you do not yet have one)
  • Work on an outline for a referral program
  • Brainstorm blog topics and create a blogging schedule
  • Rework your email campaigns

2. Engage on Social Media

As an agent, your social media presence is so important, but finding the time to be active on social media can often be a challenge. When leads aren’t flooding your inbox, start engaging with existing leads (and finding new leads) on Facebook.

Make sure all your information is still up-to-date on your page and then start seeing what your leads are talking about. Don’t be afraid to join in conversations or give your opinion on topics being discussed. This is all useful for building relationships with your leads and nurturing them.

In order to boost engagement even more, consider running a contest with a small giveaway like a Starbucks gift card or a gift basket. The more engaging you are, the more likely your leads will form a relationship with you and choose you as their agent when they are ready to buy or sell.

3. Attend Networking Events

There is much you can learn from other agents. Attend real estate networking events to gain insight, ideas, and inspiration. Additionally, research local community events in your area that might be great opportunities to mix, mingle, and get your name and brand out there as the go-to agent in your area.

4. Research and Gain Inspiration

When’s the last time you actually had time to read a book? It’s probably been a little while. Embrace your downtime to read, educate yourself, and become inspired. Books aren’t the only source for this. Do a Google search for some of the top real estate website blogs and agent blogs out there. Subscribe to these blogs (you can subscribe to ours by clicking the blue button on the right-hand sidebar) and spend 20 to 30 minutes a day reading them. You never know what information may spark an idea and lead to your next successful marketing campaign.

When you take the time to embrace, not fear, the periods of time when lead flow slows down, you’ll find this offers you the perfect opportunity to forge ahead with many marketing ideas and plans that you simply haven’t had time to explore yet.

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