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Why Lead Capture is Necessary for Real Estate Agents in 2018

Posted by Emily Murray

Feb 16, 2018 7:00:00 AM

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The idea of gated content would seem strange to home owner’s and buyers 50 years ago. Their home search began by picking up the paper and looking at printed home listings. Today’s buyer and seller leads head straight for the internet. Just as you needed to buy the paper back then, leads need to “buy” content now. When I say “buy” however, it’s not actually currency, it’s an information trade of sorts. The lead fills in a lead capture form and in turn, gets to explore the great content provided by, you, the agent.

Lead Capture is Ideal for Today’s Real Estate Agents

Your website should be used as one of your top lead generating avenues. This, of course, means you must routinely maintain it, keep SEO best practices in mind, and offer valuable tools that leads want to use.

Can Help You Generate MORE Traffic

When you create content that is high quality, this is typically what’s gated. Maybe it’s your listings or community reports, but having this type of popular information on your website if going to impact the traffic you are seeing.

Collect Contact Info from High-Quality Visitors

In addition to increasing your overall traffic, you are going to see an increase in high-quality visitors. They know what they are looking for and are happy to form fill on your site to get it.

Increase Your Email Subscriber List

If you are looking to build up your email marketing campaigns, using lead capture on your site can be an excellent way to grow your list. Typically for lead capture with the intent to of building your subscriber list, you will require fewer fields (like last name and phone number). This will enocurage users to subscribe when they aren't giving ALL their info away. 

Build Stronger Relationships

Without lead capture, you can see traffic numbers on your website, sure, but the opportunity to build relationships and nurture those leads is completely lost. Once you have a lead’s information, it is up to you to tailor their nurturing based on where they are in the sales funnel and what information they have been looking at. Once you make those initial few contacts, you can also continue to nurture the relationship on Facebook and through email drip campaigns.

Helps Pre-Qualify Leads

Another reason agents love lead capture is that it works to help qualify many of the incoming leads. If someone isn’t ready to put in their contact information yet, they are likely in the very beginning stages of research and aren’t sure exactly what they are looking for…and that’s completely alright! They may come back at another point when they are ready to more seriously look.

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