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Why Real Estate Agents Should Comment on Facebook Posts

Posted by Jay Hill

Aug 3, 2018 6:30:00 AM

Are you engaging with comments from your real estate leads on Facebook? Are you asking yourself how to post comments on Facebook? You may also find yourself asking why and how commenting on Facebook posts relates to your real estate business.  

Why Real Estate Agents Should Comment on Facebook Posts

If you aren’t familiar with social media, audience engagement is essential to growing your influence on social media. Your social media presence is all about being current and in front of your audience. By commenting on Facebook posts, this allows you to stay top of mind and gain more presence.  You can comment on Facebook posts by following the below steps:

How to Comment on Facebook Posts

  1. Navigate to Facebook
  2. Locate a post on your Facebook News Feed
  3. Choose a post you would like to leave a comment
  4. Under the chosen post at the bottom, click on the “Comment” button
  5.  Locate the “Write a Comment” box under that post
  6. Enter your comment
  7. Once you have finished entering your comment press the “Enter” button on your keyboard/keypad
  8. Your comment has been posted

Why Should We Comment?

Commenting on a Facebook post will not only help you stay current and in front of your audience but also increases your awareness to your friends and followers. By posting a simple engaging comment this allows you to also build some rapport with your Sphere of Influence. For example, an easy way to bond with somebody online is to comment on one of their posts that you find interesting. Maybe they like keeping a vegetable garden, so you comment with tips or questions about gardening.

Social Media Leads to Real Life Relationships

Social media is no longer relegated to being “just a website”, the people you are interacting with are real people and can create real relationships. Use this as a tool to build those relationships before you meet them in real life. At the end of the day, everybody is a potential client…especially your social media audience.

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