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Why You’re Missing Real Estate Leads if You Ignore Multi-Channel Real Estate Marketing

Posted by Emily Murray

Oct 5, 2017 4:30:00 AM

Why you are missing real estate leads if you aren't multi-channel marketing

Wouldn’t it be great if you could randomly walk into a room filled to the brim with buyers and sellers ready to work with you? They would shout your name and bound over to you, ready to schedule home showings, and listing appointments. Sadly, it’s just not that easy, but hey, that’s why we have marketing!

One of the biggest mistakes we see real estate agents make is sticking to a very limited, and somewhat isolated, marketing plan. Reaching out across multiple channels to find leads is well worth the effort.

Here are several ways to get started:


One of the best ways to spread your marketing across multiple channels is to re-purpose your content. What does this mean exactly? Consider this: next time you write a blog post, create several headlines and descriptions of the content specifically for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any social channel of your choice. Instead of one piece of content on one channel, your reach is now larger and more diversified.

Direct Mail 

While email is often sufficient, the rarity of getting a written letter from an actual person is enough for many to satisfy their curiosity by opening your mail.  This technique can be used for a variety of your marketing campaigns. From farming a new neighborhood to sending out new listing announcements or just sold notices, don’t count direct mail out just yet.

Email Marketing 

Yes, we just mentioned direct mail but there is no reason that you can’t also reach out digitally. If you aren’t receiving any feedback from one channel, the good news is that in today’s technologically advanced society you have a variety of ways to reach out. Email marketing campaigns remain extremely effective for generating new leads and nurturing existing ones.

Benefits of Multi-channel Marketing

1. Improves Nurturing

When you connect with leads through social media, you are a person and not simply someone selling something (if you are doing it right that is!). Reaching out and connecting with leads through multiple social media channels and touch points helps nurture your leads and establish a relationships.

2. Better Brand Recognition

Multiple channels also lead to increased brand placement and recognition. By expanding your reach from say, just Twitter to Facebook and Instagram, leads will begin recognizing you and interacting with you across channels and become more accustomed to seeing your brand as an authority in real estate.

3. Wider Reach

Casting a wider net will get your more fish, or so they say, but this idea holds true with real estate leads. Your targeted audience is all over the Internet. The more areas that you can build a presence and share valuable content, answer question, and get to know your leads, the better your chance of finding those leads in the first place.

4. Greater Chance of Feedback

When you spread your brand and your company’s presence across many channels, you are going to be seen by many and as a result, many of these followers will voice their opinions, concerns, questions, and thoughts with you directly. This type of feedback is imperative for making sure that you are representing your brand in the best possible light and will identify objectives you are doing well and those that could use some work.

5. Learn More about Your Leads

We’ve come a long way from the days of relying on a phonebook to learn about our leads. Now we can see what they enjoy, how they spend their spare time, and how they best like to communicate. Now you can get a much clearer picture of your leads and may even have some talking points or commonalities to share that will help improve your nurturing.

6. Help You Organic Search Rankings

While no marketer can ever quite crack the ever-changing SEO code, we do know that brands who interact over a variety of networks and channels generally place higher in organic search rankings than those with a more limited range.

Ready to add more channels to your marketing? With PropertyPulse, we can help you establish your Facebook presence, increase engagement, and find new leads.

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